Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850 – 1920, German)

a-young-girl-resting-in-a-landscape-with-her-dogA Young Girl Resting In A Landscape With Her Dog

kirschen-cherriesKirschen (Cherries)

junges-madchenJunges Maedchen

Hilde Kaulbach

The Artist’s Daughter, Hilde

Portrait Of The Artist’s Family

Portrait Of A Young Girl In A Pink Dress

Das Familienfest

Girls With Sunflowers

Allegorie des Sommers

Portrait of Brother Anton Kaulbach As A Boy


Portrait Of A Young Girl

portrait-eines-kleinen-madchensPortrait eines kleinen Maedchens

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4 responses to “Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850 – 1920, German)

  1. You have a wonderfull page! I was really impressed by all those paintings! One of my favourite painter is Kaulbach and I was really happy to see so many of his paintings that I have never seen before! I knew some of them but only in black and white. May I ask you were you found those stunning paintings? Have you found them in a book or in a museum?
    thanks in advance for your response :)

    • CantervilleGhost

      Thank you. I find most of these paintings on the internet, but I also take several reproductions from old books.

  2. Wonderful post! The ” Portrait Of A Young Girl” is of Grand Duchess Olga, Tsar Nicholas II eldest daughter. I never saw a nicer copy,thanks!

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