Vassily Maximov (1844 – 1911, Russian)

Boy EngineerBoy Engineer


Before A PartyBefore A Party

Old Wives' TalesOld Wives’ Tales

Sad NewsSad News


Robert Braithwaite Martineau (1826 – 1869, English)

A Girl With A CatA Girl With A Cat

A Woman Of San GermanoA Woman Of San Germano

The Last Day In The Old HomeThe Last Day In The Old Home

Kit's Writing LessonKit’s Writing Lesson

The Christmas HamperThe Christmas Hamper

Girl With A HoopGirl With A Hoop

Robert Braithwaite Martineau

Emmanuel Garant (1953, Canadian)

Cheveux d'orCheveux d’or

Le vieux chaudron de grand-mamanLe vieux chaudron de grand-maman

Lueur dans la nuitLueur dans la nuit

Magie du soirMagie du soir

Dimanche matinDimanche matin


Anne et ses fillesAnne et ses filles

Portrait d'enfantsPortrait d’enfants

Petite fleurPetite fleur


Allo Grand-MamanAllo Grand-Maman

Belle journéeBelle journée

Emmanuel_Garanttitle unknown

Ah...les devoirs...Ah…les devoirs…

La petite fille au kimonoLa petite fille au kimono



Tendre momentTendre moment

Pres du Moulin de BeaumontPres du Moulin de Beaumont

Tete de filletteTete de fillette

Enfant au bouquetEnfant au bouquet

Découverte 2Découverte

Enfant lisantEnfant lisant



Le petit pecheurLe petit pecheur

Les souvenirs de ma mèreLes souvenirs de ma mère

Le petit PrinceLe petit Prince

(Emmanuel Garant official site)

Jonathan Richardson (1665 – 1745, English)

Garton Orme Seated At The Spinet Garton Orme At The Spinet

Edward Dryden With His Wife And ChildrenEdward Dryden With His Wife And Children

Sir Nathaniel Curzon, With His Wife, Their Son And Their Dead Son In The Clouds AboveSir Nathaniel Curzon, With His Wife, Their Son
And Their Dead Son In The Clouds Above

George And Richard, 1st Earl and 2nd Baron of Mount EdgcumbeGeorge And Richard, 1st Earl and 2nd Baron of Mount Edgcumbe

Lloyd Holman Parsons (1893 – 1968, Canadian)

At HomeAt Home

Ivan Andreievich Pelevin (1840 – 1917, Russian)

The First BornThe First Born

Riding A SleighRiding A Sleigh

907title unknown

355title unknown

217title unknown

Feeding The BabyFeeding The Baby

Isoisa (Grandfather)Grandfather

Grandmother With BabyGrandmother With Baby

Young MotherYoung Mother


Girl With FlowersGirl With Flowers

pelevintitle unknown

August Friedrich Siegert (1820 – 1883, German)

The Young ConnoisseurThe Young Connoisseur

Children In The Painter's StudioChildren In The Painter’s Studio

The Cavalier's ReturnThe Cavalier’s Return