George Catargi (1894 – 1963, Romanian)

Micuta pictorita (Little Painter)

Sub ochii bunicii (Under Grandmother’s Eyes)

La joaca pe malul marii (Playing On The Beach)

The Little Artisan

Blue-Eyed Little Girl

Eugène Ernest Hillemacher (1818 – 1887, French)

Evening Prayers

Demeter moquée par Abas

Edward Jenner Vaccinating A Boy

Sketch Of A Young Boy

Ivan Antonovich Quiet (1927, Ukrainian)

Admission To The Pioneers

Ellen Emmet Rand (1875 – 1941, American)

In The Studio – Girl With Cat

Pauline Emmet

Blue Shoes

Young Girl In Blue And White

Eleanor In Red Coat

Red-Headed Girl

Rosina Emmet Sherwood And Her Son Robert Emmet Sherwood

Three Children

Grenville Hunter

Boy With Bow

Amory S. Carhart Jr.

Nude Boy

The Acolyte

Minnie Carroll

Sketch Of A Boy

Young Girl, Shinnecock

Joseph Farquharson (1846 – 1935, Scottish)

Cauls Blaws The Wind Frae East To West

A Snowy Winter’s Morning

A Walk In The Snow

The Woodcutter’s Return

A Shepherd Boy And His Flock At Sunset

Lost In the Woods

Roland Stephen Astley Kennard And Laura Kennard With A Pug Seated On A Sand Dune

Young Girl

Denys George Wells (1881 – 1973, English)

Nursery Tea

Family Tea

Children Playing In The Japanese Room

Children In A Garden, Wearing Japanese Costumes

At The Window

Girl With A Green Dress

The Cut Finger

The Artist’s Daughter At The Door

The Artist’s Daughter Against A Floral Background

Mother And Child

The Girl And The Nest – The Bird’s Nest

Tomasz Mrozkiewicz (1997, Polish)

Sadness And Chaos

Struggling To Break The Silence


Golden Misfit