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Erik Theodor Werenskiold (1855 – 1938, Norwegian)

on the plainOn The Plain

On The Way Home

Erik Werenskiold - Two Little GirlsTwo Little Girls

Alonso Sanchez Coello (1531 – 1588, Spanish)

las-infantas-isabella-clara-eugenia-y-catalina-micaelaaLas Infantas Isabella Clara Eugenia y Catalina Micaela

prince-don-carlos-of-austria-alonso-sanchez-coelloPrince Don Carlos of Austria

small_infanta-isabella-daughter-of-king-philip-of-spainInfanta Isabella, Daughter of King Philip II of Spain

Jean-Léon Gérome (1824 – 1904, French)

madeleine-juliette-gerome-et-ses-poupeesMadeleine Juliette Gérome et ses poupées

Pho Xai




the-serpent-charmerThe Snake Charmer

Slave Auction