Salvador Dalì (1904 – 1989, Spanish)

Dali at the age of sixDali At The Age Of Six

Salvador Dalì - The Madonna Of Port Lligat (detail)The Madonna Of Port Lligat (detail)


Una risposta a “Salvador Dalì (1904 – 1989, Spanish)

  1. Hello friends of the Arts,
    I haven’t seen this painting signed Dali so far, amongst so many of his extraordinary visual renditions. Dali is, according to me, the second in all schools of form of visual Art in modern times (starting from the Renaissance era) after the greatest Michelangelo Buenarotti, the Italian genius master.
    This very rendition portraying a child is an absolute beauty, not because it shows any specific facial angelic traits or pinkish child complexion, no at all.
    First picture zone or plan, you find almost on the same horizontal composition set, a child on the right (interpreted by our left brain) a light grayish blue shadow in the middle and a part of a hill rock on the left. The second plan is a desert with an astonishing sense of perspective skill. Though it is an unusual composition, I think that the whole work of Art wants the living spectator to switch the hill rock on the right and the child we naturally want to be on the left. For example : just have a look at all iconography of Mary, mother of Jesus, depicted by all artists, is holding Jesus on her left side. My favorite, though, of Salvador Dali always remain his sublime St.John of the Cross (without any blood) but with the eternal memory Jesus will keep on his human journey on Earth. Always shivering and having tears when this oil painting is front of me through the net. Just imagine the feeling with the real one in a Glasgow Museum.

    Mi piace


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