Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 – 1951, American)

Mother's DayMother’s Day

After Thanksgiving DinnerAfter Thanksgiving Dinner

GirlKellogg’s Girl

New Year Baby 1909New Year’s Baby 1909

The Hero's War Story - How Our Daddy Won The WarThe Hero’s War Story (How Our Daddy Won The War)

Which? –  Boy With Portraits Of William Taft And William Bryan

Votes For Women

Flowers For The President

A Christmas PrayerA Christmas Prayer

Baby Holding A Top Hat And A Bouquet Of FlowersBaby Holding A Top Hat And A Bouquet Of Flowers

Aviator With Two BoysAviator With Two Boys

A Dainty BreakfastA Dainty Breakfast

Boy ScoutBoy Scout

Saturday Evening PostSaturday Evening Post (cover)

sepNew Year’s Baby 1943

leyendecker_400Kellogg’s Girl

Barking Up The Wrong TurkeyBarking Up The Wrong Turkey

New Year's Baby MechanicNew Year’s Baby 1925

Weapons For Liberty


5 risposte a “Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 – 1951, American)

  1. Hello from France !
    Your site is absolutly wonderful, congratulations for the good work you do, andi’m admirative about the time you must spend for this. All your reproductions are really nice, I just notice a mistake in the attribution of one painting.
    On page 112, the painting titled “Weapons for liberty” is on the Herbert PAUS page, but it’s a Joseph Christian Leyendecker’s work.
    Again, congratulations to your really nice work, it allowed me to discover many painters that I didn’t know before.
    Great Job !

    Mi piace

    • Serge,
      thank you very much. You’re right about “Weapons for Liberty”. I removed it from Paus page and I correctly posted it here in J.C.Leyendecker’s page.
      Thanks again!


      Mi piace

  2. Is there any way i can order a print with the 3 children peeking in and seeing mommy kissing santa? It is the one at the very bottom of this page…..i cannot read who the illustrator is. Thank You, Bonnie Hardin

    Mi piace

  3. I found the Leyendecker 4th of July painting on your website…. I used to own that painting and sold it in 1999 or so through a dealer, buyer unknown. But that IS the painting which hung on the wall in my livingroom along with another Leyendecker one. I got the painting from my cousin (who is now deceased) and had it restored (it had some cracks, etc.). My Aunt Mona and Uncle Loyal posed for that painting. Their mother, my grandmother, was Clara Ann Spencer. She and her kids all lived in New York City and got into modeling because my grandmother had met the mother of Humphrey Bogart who got her into it. She and her kids were on a lot of covers of magazines.

    Mi piace

  4. really nice..Thank you very much : homayoon///

    Mi piace


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