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Hans Zatzka (1859 – 1945, Austrian)

small_Portrait of Haunz Javorasky Dressed As A SailorPortrait Of Haunz Javorasky Dressed As A Sailor

Girl With Butterfly

Mother With Children

Madonna And Child


Little Cherub

An Allegory Of Fall

Holy Family

Who Goes There?

(signed with the pseudonym “P. Ronsard”)

A Classical Idyll

A Message From Cupid

Divinity And Innocence

Child Angel – Cherub

Madonna And Child

A Sweet Dream

An Allegory Of Love

Venus And Her Attendants – Cherry Time

Venus And Cupid

Virgin Mary With Jesus

In Love

title unknown

Madonna And Child

Love Is In The Air

In The Night Sky – The Night Fairies

The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Madonna With Child

The Fountain Of Love – At Cupid’s Fountain

The Goddess Of Spring

Madonna With Child


The Spring Of Life

The Song Of Spring

Spring Concert

Mother And Child

Preparing For The Festivities

Joseph-Désiré Court (1797 – 1865, French)

Portrait de Marguerite Louise Cibiel et de Marie Aglaure CibielPortrait de Marguerite Louise Cibiel et de Marie Aglaure Cibiel

Young Girl At The Scamander River

Lynne Cerro (American)

The ChildThe Child

Child On A ChairChild On A Chair

P-portraitstitle unknown

The Last ChildThe Last Child

J. Bond Francisco (1863 – 1931, American)

J.Bond Francisco - The Sick ChildThe Sick Child

Edgar Maxence (1871 – 1954, French)

Portrait d'enfantPortrait d’enfant

Anna Paik (South-Korean)

Helena_and_Mae_RogersHelena And Mae Rogers

McGonigal_ChildrenMcGonigal Children

Robert Duddingstone Herdman (1863 – 1922, English)

The Joy of SummerThe Joy Of Summer