Elizabeth Adela Forbes (1859 – 1912, Canadian-born English)

A May EveningA May Evening

The Pied Piper Of HamelinThe Pied Piper Of Hamelin

School Is OutSchool Is Out


Blackberry GatherersBlackberry Gatherers


Elizabeth A. S. Forbes - The Christmas TreeThe Christmas Tree

 The MinuetThe Minuet

A Woman And Child In A Hay FieldA Woman And Child In A Hay Field

By Mounts BayBy Mounts Bay


The SistersThe Sisters

Dorothy n2Dorothy

House Of CardsHouse Of Cards


3 risposte a “Elizabeth Adela Forbes (1859 – 1912, Canadian-born English)

  1. Very nice artwork. It is nice to know that during our lifetime, we can create things with our mind that continue to exist even when we are dead. Our thoughts and creations can stay forever in the form of art. In a way, we continue to live.

    Mi piace

  2. How much is the original painting”ring-a-ring-o-roses” worth in today’s market by Elizabeth Forbes?

    Mi piace

  3. i have the original ring a ring of roses andalso wondered about its value

    Mi piace


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