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Arthur Hacker (1858 – 1919, English)

The Children’s Prayer

A Difficulty

A Woodcutter And His Daughter

Fire Fancies

A Heavy Burden

Cat And Mouse

Making Friend With A Collie

The Little Mother

A Nude Bacchante With A Child FaunA Nude Bacchante With A Child Faun

Arthur Hacker - AbundanceAbundance

Isabel Guerra (1947, Spanish)

La luz

Esperanza de mi juventud

A ti levanto mis ojos

Rodeados de ternura de tu bondad

Lowes Cato Dickinson (1819 – 1908, English)

Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson

Louis Welden Hawkins (1849 – 1910, French)


Les préludes

Henri Evenepoel (1872 – 1899, Belgian)

Henriette au grand chapeau

Charles au jersey rayé

Au Square

Anastasia Duhanina (1983, Russian)

Christmas Day

Heywood Hardy (1843 – 1933, English)

Her Only Playmates

A Morning Ride

The Departure Of The Mail

Poverty And Priviledge