Mark Lancelot Symons (1887 – 1935, English)

Molly In The Garden

title unknown

Madonna And Child With Angels

A Fairy Tale

The Day After Christmas


10 risposte a “Mark Lancelot Symons (1887 – 1935, English)

  1. I just find this artist fascinating. Just cant understand why there isnt more information about this chap. Would love to hear anything about him and his work.

    Mi piace

    • My mother was adopted by Mark Lancelot Symons, along with two other girls. Mark’s father was William Christian Symons – a renowned british artist who was reponsible for the crucifix painted in Westminster Cathedral, and other works. Look him up on google. Mark Symons died young from a brain tumour, having been hit in the head by a boat- swing the year before whilst pushing the children to and fro, I believe. My mother was only about 8 years old when Mark Symons died.

      Mi piace

      • CantervilleGhost

        Thanks for your precious information.

        Mi piace

      • Yes thank you, it all helps to piece together what makes this man so special xx
        That was very kind of you

        Mi piace

      • Kirsch

        Hi Kirsch
        Have just seen your comment 2 years after the event, so hope you are still following this blog. I am a cousin of Mark Lancelot Symons through the Symons line to Melbourne Australia. Our common great grandparent, Mark Symons was my 3rd great grandfather, he was married to Ann Christian.

        Molly in the garden is a such a beautiful painting, he must have adored all all his children.

        Keith Smiley

        Mi piace

  2. good morning i am french we have a painting od mark symons who represent sir john harris playing is a very beautiful.

    Mi piace

    • Hi fort
      I have not heard of this particular painting before. Is there a photo available of this painting? Which Sir John Harris is this one? Is he Sir John Hobbit Harris or Sir John Harris from Australia? I am collecting all Symons works for a repository, and as part of my Symons family database. Mark Lancelot Symons and I are second cousins. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Would love to hear from you and anyone else who might have information. I also love these paintings.
      Keith Smiley

      Mi piace

  3. A wonderful painter, I discovered him whilst at Reading Museum, where they have a fine work by him, but not much information about him. Definitely deserves a retrospective with bells and knobs!

    Mi piace

  4. Hello. My mother, Mary James, was fostered by a family in whose house Mark Symons and his wife lived. She features in many of the paintings – particularly Dorinda/l and there is a big portrait of her in Reading Art Gallery. She talked a lot about ‘Molly’ and her childhood which seemed very Bohemian.

    Mi piace

    • Hi Tess
      Could it be that your mother Mary with surname James was nee Symons? And her nickname was Molly? Or was she one of the other artist’s subjects?
      I am doing the Symons family tree and Mark Lancelot Symons is my third cousin and Molly my 4th cousin. Do you have the names of the other two girls as I understand Mark had three daughters and no sons and may have adopted or fostered as you have said, one or more of the children.
      Would love to know where they went etc.

      I have not had reply from Kirsch above either, and it was 4 years ago when she made her last posting.
      Keith Smiley

      Mi piace


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