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Kris Lewis (1978, American)

Low Tide

We’re Going South

Kurzeme SnowKurzeme Snow

Alex Levin (1975, Ukrainian-born Israeli)

Mother Australia

First Wisdom Lesson

Family Praying

Torah Study

Telling The Story

title unknown

Purim At Mea Shearim

Teaching The Lesson

Market By The Jaffa Gate

Children’s Time

The Cobbler

title unknown

title unknown

Johann Friedrich Overbeck (1789 – 1869, German)

Joseph Being Sold By His Brothers

Mary And Elisabeth With John And Baby Jesus

Self-Portrait With Family

Jewish Family In Slavery At The Gates Of Babylon

Hans Ole Brasen (1849 – 1930, Danish)

Feeding The Lamb

The Discovery Of A Nest

Two Young Italian Girls In A Courtyard

Stanislav Plutenko (1961, Russian)

On The Stairs

The Portrait Of Katya

Gaetano Chierici (1838 – 1920, Italian)

I monelli della fattoria (Farmyard Rascals)

Disciplina (Discipline)


La maschera (The Mask)

Nutrendo gli agnelli (Feeding The Lambs)

Buoni amici (Good Comrades)

Piedi sporchi (Dirty Feets)

Nutrendo il bimbo (Feeding The Baby)

Gioie di una madre (Motherly Joy)

La pappa (Baby Food)

Amore materno (A Mother’s Love)

Orgoglio materno (Mother’s Pride)

Le beffe al gatto (Mocking The Cat)

Il desinare della vedova (The Widow’s Dinner)

I primi passi (The First Steps)

Un piccolo dono (A Small Gift)

L’ultimo nato (The Latest Born)

Gioie materne (Motherly Joy)

Giocando col bambino (Playing With Baby)

Il veterano (The Veteran)

Il momento propizio (The Right Moment)

G.ChiericiJoys Of Childhood

Edward Hughes (1832 – 1908, English)

Portrait Of Mrs. Drury Percy Wormaid And Her Son

Christmas Greetings

A First Visit To The Dentist

In Church

An English Artist Collecting Costumes In Brittany

Edward Hughes