Nikolai Bogdanov-Belski (1868 – 1945, Russian)


New Tale

A Young Girl

Praying For Grandpa

In Church



Mental Arithmetics – In The Public School of Rachinsky

Village Kids

An Afternoon Fishing

By The School Door - The Reluctant ScholarBy The School Door – The Reluctant Scholar

Admission DayAdmission Day

The Teacher's Name DayTeacher’s Birthday

Teacher's BirthdayTeacher’s Birthday

Teacher VisitorsTeacher Visitors

N.P. Bogdanov-BelskyTug Of War

A Child Sitting At The TableA Child Sitting At The Table

Young Musician 2Young Musician

To WorkTo Work


Talent And Admirer 2Talent And Admirer

Resting BoyResting Boy


On The LakeOn The Lake

Shepherd GirlShepherd Girl

Knowledge Is PowerKnowledge Is Power


Children On A FenceChildren On A Fence

Boy On The GrassBoy On The Grass

Children On A HorseChildren On A Horse

Cither PlayingCither Playing

Evening (Angler)Evening (Angler)

Country ChildrenCountry Children

Girl With PeoniesGirl With Peonies

Two Girls On A FootbridgeTwo Girls On A Footbridge

Summer DaySummer Day

Trout FishingTrout Fishing

Country Boy 2Country Boy


6 risposte a “Nikolai Bogdanov-Belski (1868 – 1945, Russian)

  1. Здравствуйте! У Вас вкралась небольшая ошибка. Картина «Рыбак с мальчиком» 1889 принадлежит кисти Богданова Николая Григорьевича – Он однофамилец Богданова-Бельского Николая Петровича –
    С уважением, Анна

    Mi piace

  2. Thank you! I will fix my mistake as soon as possible.

    Спасибо. Будет ли исправить свою ошибку как можно скорее

    Mi piace

  3. Я давний поклонник Вашей галереи – коллекции. Но и сама уже более двух лет собираю галерею живописи в своём втором журнале. Осмелюсь оставить ссылку –
    Благодарю Вас!

    I the old admirer of your gallery – collections. But also itself already more than two years I collect painting gallery in the second magazine. I will dare to leave the reference –
    I thank you!

    Mi piace

  4. Hola – I like your beautiful web, the childs -touch my heart
    Look for:
    Children at the Piano – Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky (1918)
    PD – do you kmow – http://
    search – Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky

    Mi piace


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