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Friedrich von Amerling (1803 – 1887, Austrian)

Little Bertha von Neuhaus With A Hare

Two Sisters

Friedrich von Amerling - Mother And Children - Charity (The Cook Katharina)Mother And Children – Charity

Portrait of Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein At The Age Of Two

Fisherboy (Josef von Amerling)

Portrait Of The Future Prince Johann II von Liechtenstein
On A White Pony

Portrait of Princess Karoline von Liechtenstein

Joseph Amerling As A Child (The Artist’s Brother)

Count August Ferdinand Breuner-Enckevoirt
With His Wife Maria Theresia Esterhazy And Both Children

Portrait Of Prince Victor Odescalchi In A Greek Costume

The Drowsy One

Eduard-Edler von Mosel

Portrait Of Younger Brother Joseph

Portrait Of Rudolf von Arthaber And His Children

Mother Love

Portrait Of Princess Sophie von Liechtenstein

The Widow

Young Girl

The Deaf Girl