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Louis Simon Cabaillot Lassalle (1810 – 1870, French)

The Shepherdess

Unwillingly To School

Almost Suppertime

The Brushwood Gatherer

Little Red Riding Hood

Going To School

The Walk Home

Amusing Baby

A Ride Home On A Snowy Path


Gilbert Stuart (1755 – 1828, American)

Anna Dorothea And Charlotte Anna Dick

Mrs. Dick And Daughter Charlotte Anna

Henrietta Elizabeth Frederica Vane

Mrs. Blades and Her Daughter

Master Clark

Elizabeth Stoughton Wolcott, Laura and Oliver

The Children Of The Second Duke of Northumberland

Francis Malbone and His Brother Saunders

Elizabeth Corbin Griffin Gatliff And Her Daughter Elizabeth

James Ward

George Thomas John Nugent

Christian Stelle Banister And Her Son, John

David Urquhart

Mrs. Lopez (Sarah Rivera) and son Joshua

Lady Luke White And Her Son