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Robert Walker (1599 – 1658, English)

Portrait Of Lady Mary Fairfax With Her Tutor

Oliver Cromwell


Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (1819 – 1881, Danish)

Hans Christian Andersen Reading  The Story called The Angel

Princesses Alexandra And Dagmar

A Young Girl

Girl In Bonnet

Portrait Of One Of Her Sons

Lady Agnes Lerche

Three Brothers Of Trap FamilyThree Brothers Of Trap Family

Motherly JoyMotherly Joy

Egyptian Fellah WomanEgyptian Fellah Woman With Her Baby

Danish Shepherd With Dog And SheepsDanish Shepherd With Dog And Sheeps

Interior With An Elderly Man Who Reads Aloud To A GirlInterior With An Elderly Man Who Reads Aloud To A Girl

A Little Roman GirlA Little Roman Girl

Portrait Of A Young Italian GirlPortrait Of A Young Italian Girl

Italian Woman With Her Blonde ChildItalian Woman With Her Blonde Child

The Madonna And ChildThe Madonna And Child

Philip Hermogenes Calderon (1833 – 1898, English)

Captives Of His Bow And Spear

French Peasants Finding Their Stolen Child

The Young Lord Hamlet

Letter From Daddy

Captain Of The Eleven

Lord, Thy Will Be Done

By The Waters Of BabylonBy The Waters Of Babylon

Man Goeth Forth To His LaboursMan Goeth Forth To His Labours

The OrphansThe Orphans

Home After VictoryHome After Victory

Her Most High, Noble And Puissant GraceHer Most High, Noble And Puissant Grace