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James Jebusa Shannon (1862 – 1923, American)

Mother And Child
(Lady Shannon And Kitty)

The Purple Stocking

Jungle Tales

(Nora Ward and Kitty Shannon)

Lord John Manners, Lord Haddon And Lady Marjorie Manners

The Flower Girl

Irene And Frida Mond

Miss Kitty


The Duke And Duchess Of Edinburgh

Bridget, Daughter Of Harold Nickols, Esq.

Portrait Of A Girl
(possibly the artist’s daughter, Kitty)

Lady Dickson Poynder And Her Daughter Joan

The Green Vase

Young Girl With Flowers

The Cowslip Gatherer

The Squirrel

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Sharp Dorothea A Summer’s Day

Hans Olaf Heyerdahl (1857 – 1913, Norwegian)

Strawberry Girl

Girl With Red Currant

The Girl With Linen Hair

Little Girl On The Beach

Boy Blowing Bubbles

Anna Margrethe Wriedt And Her Granddaughter Margrethe Giese

Girl With A Cat

Fisherman And Daughter

The Rock

Two Sisters

Victor Martinez (1932, Peruvian)

Andean Father And Child

Andean Girl

Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier (1847 – 1914, French)

Portrait Of The Duc de Chartres Children

Little Red Riding Hood


Emilian Lazarescu (1878 – 1934, Romanian)

Girl With Blonde Hair

Han Wu Shen (1950, Chinese)

A Girl In Barn

A Letter From Dad

Cloth Tiger

Life Goes On

Awaiting The Return

Goodbye To The Old Days

New Year’s Poster

Father And Daughter

Xiao Cui

Waiting For Someone

Child By Water

Football Dream


Brother’s Lunch

Niu Niu

Mother And Child By The Water

White Cat

Brother And Sister


White Candle

Pass By Ancestral Hall

Returning Home



Children At Night With Red Cape

Trying On New Clothes


Mother And Child

title unknown

title unknown

title unknown

title unknown

Emile Munier (1840 – 1895, French)

(Part I)

Autrefois – Long Ago

The Broken Vase

Evening Prayer – Two Girls Praying

Pardon Mama

May I?

La jeune fille et la poupée

May I Have One Too?

The New Pets

Feeding The Rabbits

Mother And Child

Les Confitures

Le Sauvatage

Goose Girl – Fishing For Minnows

Young Girl With A Basket Of Oranges

Farm Girl With Her Pet Billy Goat

Portrait Of A Mother And Daughter

Girl Holding A Dove

Young Girl With Lamb

A Sprig Of Berries

Le retour du marché

A Winter’s Catch

The New Arrival

(1 – to be continued)