Hugo Salmson (1843 – 1894, Swedish)

Young Swedish Girl

Interior With Children Playing Cards

The Little Gleaner

The Dalby Gate, Skane

Young French Girl Sitting In A Louis XVI Armchair

Portrait Of Alexis Gunzbourg

Young Girl Dressed In Red

Mother and Daughter In The Winter Garden

Return From The Fields

Arrest In Picardy

Boys Playing In The Water

Study for A Girl Portrait

La petite suédoise


5 risposte a “Hugo Salmson (1843 – 1894, Swedish)

  1. Hugo Salmson was the father of my maternal grandmother. They seems to have lived in southern Sweden, Malmö, or maybe Limhamn, nearby. My mother was born there 1918. Her father was an architect with artistic skills, and my mother became an artist too. Paintings, drawings and textiles. She died in the spring of 2008, just short of her 90’s, in Stockholm, where she had lived since her 20s.

    Mi piace

    • Thank you very much for sharing your precious memories.

      Mi piace

    • Carl,
      My wife and I live in New York City and we have a beautiful Hugo Salmson painting of a Spanish woman that we love. It’s a terrific work. I hope you have at least one good painting of his in your possession. We plan on buying more of his work.

      Mi piace

  2. I am sorry to say that I have only one small painting, a portrait of my maternal grandmother in her 20s or so. My economy has not been of the kind that I have been able to buy art, but, as the time runs out, the economy is improving s lightly! We will see if I can catch up! If not, someone else will be able to enjoy what I cannot buy. Thanks for the nice words about the painting! Of what I have seen in these pages, I think he was very good.

    All the best,


    Mi piace

  3. Hej Carl! Fick upp den här sidan när jag googlade på Hugo Salmson så jag ville bara skicka en hälsning eftersom Hugo var min mans mormors morbror. Vi har också ett par tavlor efter honom. Vänliga hälsningar Anneli Garmland

    Mi piace


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