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Charles Goldie (1870 – 1947, New Zealander)

Day Dreams – Christmas Time In Maoriland

The Heir Apparent

David Before Goliath

The Christ Child In The Temple

Elizabeth Lochrie (1890 – 1981, American)

Julie Black Boy And Prairie Flower

Nobody Wants Her, Blackfoot

Grandma’s Boy

Boy In Red Shirt

Boy In Cowboy Hat

Lauretta Old Chief

Matthew Two Moon, Cherokee

Boy With Hat

Francis Vaudeberg, Flathead

Orville St. Marks, Cree

Pioneers On The Oregon Trail Along Snake River

The Fur Traders

Jan Frans van Douven (1656 – 1727, Dutch)

The Three Graces

Vann Nath (1946, Cambodian)

Mother And Child – Tuol Sleng Prison/S-21

Mother And Child Of The Genocide

S-21 Killing Child

Skeet Shooting Babies

James Clarke Waite (1832 – 1920, English)

Off To Market

A Penny For Yourself

Going To Market

The Widow’s Consolation

Enjoying The Sunshine

Grandfather’s Departure

Pussy’s First Lesson – Feeding The Kitten

The Apple Of Their Eye

The Robin’s Nest

Surprise For Grandfather

The Three Generations

Disherman’s Family

Helping A Neighbour

The Babysitter

Here Comes Papa

Vladimir Pchelin (1869 – 1941, Russian)

Letter From The Front

Wes Lowe (Canadian)

Tom And Huck

Tom Sawyer And The Sphinx

Our Tree

The Rose Bush

The Shark

The Cookie People

The Desert Boat

Captains Courageous

Tic Toc of Oz

Scary Night

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