Archivi del giorno: gennaio 15, 2011

Emanuel Stockler (1819 – 1893, Austrian)

Italian Children At The Window

Parish Church of Bad Aussee

Willem van Mieris (1662 – 1747, Dutch)

The Peepshow

Soap Bubbles

A Woman Spinning Yard
With A Baby In A Wicker Basket And And Old Man Smoking A Pipe

The Pharmacist

Interior With A Mother Attending Her Children

Expulsion of Hagar

Baron van Leyden van Vlaardingen With His Wife And Three Sons

The Lute Player

An Interior With A Lady And Her Servants In Oriental Dress

Armida Binding The Sleeping Rinaldo

Boy Buying Chestnuts

Portrait Of A Young Man

The Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

Virgin And Child