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Johannes Petrus van Horstok (1745 – 1825, Dutch)

A Shameful Moment

Helping Mother Polishing Copper And Tin

Figures In A Courtyard

Women Preparing A Meal
With A Young Boy And A Cat

A Weaver’s Workshop

Friedrich Ortlieb (1839 – 1909, German)


New Year’s Eve At Grandfather’s – Christmas Recital

Baby’s New Toy

Interior Scene With Family And Merchant

Interior Scene

Gerda Tiren (1858 – 1928, Swedish)

Bridal Party


Midsummer Celebration

The Sparrow

Mother And Child

Modellen funderar

title unknown
(painting courtesy of Deb Young.
If someone has any information about this painting, please share)

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Mother and Children By The Spinning Wheel