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Franz Bernhardt (1800 – 1860, Swiss)

The Knitting Lesson

title unknown

Theodor Leopold Weller (1802 – 1880, German)

Neapolitan Family Idyll

The Festival

Little Pifferaro

Grecs et Turcs dans un café viennois

Girl With Lamb

The Hermit of Terracina Distributing Alms

Harvest Joy

Fishermen Mending Nets In Capri

Buskers On The Piazza Montanara In Rome

Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau (1837 – 1922, American)

L’imprudente (The Imprudent Girl)

In The Woods

Young Girl Holding A Basket Of Grapes


Judgement of Paris

An Apple Today

In the Garden

He Careth

La Becquée

The Farmer’s Daughter


The Shepherd David

Young Girl With Lilies

Young Girl At The Well

Rudyard Kipling’s Daughter

A la fontaine

By The Seashore