Emile Renard (1850 – 1930, French)

Sleeping Child

L’épine – Jeune garçon au bord de la rivière

Jeune Russe



4 risposte a “Emile Renard (1850 – 1930, French)

  1. I like the sleeping child painting – very soft and innocent

    Mi piace

  2. Hello! I’m not sure if my other message took, so I’m doing it again. First off, I’ve been following your wonderful blog for months now and wanted to thank you properly for your dedication. I did want to point out, however, that the painting entitled ‘Girl Holding a Nest’ should actually be attrivuted to Emile Vernon: http://www.artrenewal.org/pages/artwork.php?artworkid=3897&size=large

    I also would like to inform you that I have linked your site on my own blog: http://pigtailsinpaint.wordpress.com/

    Mi piace

  3. Cool, thanks!

    Mi piace


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