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Wilhelm Ludwig Heinrich Claudius (1854 – 1942, German)

Girl Looking At Her Grandfather Directed To Church

The Village School

Carl Larsson (1853 – 1919, Swedish)

(Part III)

The Kitchen

Lisbeth Fishing

Esbjorn Doing His Homework


Around The Lamp At Evening

Lillanna Feeds The Heater

My Loved Ones

For A Little Card Game

Catch-up Homework

Dressing Up (Masquerade)

Esbjorn And The Farmer’s Girl

Apple Harvest

Cock-A-Doodle-Do, Seven o’clock!

In Mother’s Bed

Brita, Cat And A Sandwich

Brita In The Flowerbed

At The Cellar


Matts Larsson

Spring Princess


My Little Farm

(3 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I and Part II)