Archivi del giorno: febbraio 25, 2011

Hans Printz (1865 – 1925, Austrian)

Wilhelm Tell

Thomas Webster (1800 – 1886, English)

Maternal Affection

Youth And Age

A Village Choir

Victorian Country Classroom

A Dame’s School

Sickness And Health

Children At Prayer

Cottagers Making Music – A Musical Evening

Foot Ball

Reading The Scriptures

Beating For Recruits – Rocking The Cradle

Late At School

Girl Feeding Dog

The Early Lesson

The Naughty Pupil

Returning From The Fair

Going To School

Sunday Evening

The Lesson

Contrary Winds

Boys Will Be Boys

The Smile

This Won’t Hurt A Bit!

Reading The News

The Chastened Child

Little Red Riding Hood (mug)

Two Young Girls

(1 – to be continued)