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Lewis Thomas Ives (1833 – 1894, American)

The Storybook

Roman Girl

Young Boy Reading

Isidore Pils (1813 – 1875, French)

The Death Of A Sister Of Charity

The Prayer Of The Children Suffering

The Shepherd Boy

Soldiers Distributing Food To The Needy


Kabyle Child

Head Of A Young Boy

Portrait Of A Boy

Thomas Webster (1800 – 1886, English)

(Part II)

A Birthday Tea Party

A Tea Party

Classroom Recital

Ring o’ Roses

Master Edward Coutts Marjoriebanks On His Pony

Roast Pig


The Boy With Many Friends

The Playground


A School Playground

The New Sign

Sunday Afternoon

(See also: Part I)

Nicaise de Keyser (1813 – 1887, Belgian)

The Sons Of Duke A. M. Gorchakov

Alexander Averin (1952, Russian)

Young Artists

Making Sand Castles


Ashore  #2

By The Sea

Children’s Amusement

Caressing Sun

Happy Childhood

Girls On The Seashore

On Shore Of The R. Klyazma

Children’s Amusement #2




Walk Along Coast

Walk Along Coast #2

Let’s Go Swimming

Gatherers Of Cockleshells

Launching The Small Ships

Girls By The Sea

Big Catch

A Windy Day

Luc-Olivier Merson (1846 – 1920, French)


Springtime Awakening

The Family

The Wolf of Gubbio

St. Edmond Roi d’Angleterre

Le sacrifice des poupées

Le Soldat de Marathon

La danse des fiançailles

Head Of A Boy Singing

Jeune fille nue

Tete de jeune homme

Xue Dai (1966, Mongolian)

Ying Ying

Harvest Season

A Girl Has A Little Lamb


Spring Field

Sarula’s Friend

title unknown

Red Veil