Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952, English)

(Part I)

Little Bo Peep

Before The Bath

Bedtime Story

I’se Biggest!

The Faithful Guardian

Mother’s Darling

This Little Pig Went To Market

The Happy Pair (A Royal Procession)

Play Time


Golden Hours



A Helping Hand

Children With A St. Bernard

He Won’t Hurt You

As Good As Ever

Queenie And Marjorie

(1 – to be continued)


6 risposte a “Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952, English)

  1. Several here I’ve never even seen – great choices.

    Mi piace

    • I think that among the Victorian painters of idyllic childhood scenes, Elsley – together with Frederick Morgan and Charles Burton Barber – had a special touch. Next month I’ll post his other paintings.

      Mi piace

  2. Thank you, I think we have a similar ‘sweet’ tooth. I do so enjoy your posts each day.

    Mi piace

  3. I’m not an expert, I didn’t know him… wonderful! Thank you so much for having showed these pictures… and all the others!!

    Mi piace

  4. Hello….I have a framed print by Arthur J Elsley, I have not found here, just wondering if you could help me? Its of the little blonde girl with a pure white dog, she is giving him a biscuit. The girl is sitting on a bench seat & is wearing a white hat. Cannot see a title, the year was 1896. His paintings are truly incredible. Hope to hear from you…thankyou.

    Mi piace


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