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Adolf Ziegler (1892 – 1959, German)

Two Boys With Sailing Ship

The Wronker Children

Goddess Of Art

Emile Levy (1826 – 1890, French)

Mother and Daughter

The Dizzy Spell

Young Mother Feeding Her Baby

The First LilacThe First Lilac

The ThornThe Thorn

Nude Girl Lying On A Bed

La Fete des Cabanes
(The Feast Of Tabernacles)

Ruth And Naomi

The Flower Girls

Venus And Cupid

Femme assise tenant un enfant sur les genoux

Deux enfants nus

Deux enfants se tenant la main

Petite fille nue

J. H. S. Mann (1849 – 1884, English)

First Earrings


The Cauld Blast

Guardian Angels

Motherly Love

The Child’s Grave

Prenez Garde

Young Girl Holding Posies

Girl In Red Kerchief With Her Tambourine

Head Of A Girl

Jozef Geirnaert (1791 – 1859, Belgian)

Blowing Bubbles

The School Lesson

Prayers Before Bed

Mother And Her Two Children In A Landscape

Vladislav Nagornov (1974, Russian)

Young Girl With Blue Ribbon

Morning Awakening

First Lesson

Little Ballerina

My Lovely Doll

Russian Girl In Costume

Young Girl Richly Dressed

Portrait Of Maria

Final Preparations

Dance Lesson

Gustav Igler (1842 – 1908, German)

Children Timorous Of Bath

After The Bath

Playing Mother

Baby Doll’s Dinner

Girl With Guitar In The Barn

The Newborn

The Broken Jug

Children’s Games

The Doll's Parents - Bathing Her DollsThe Doll’s Parents – Bathing Her Dolls


The Patient PetThe Patient Pet

Music Lesson

Donkey Bank

Left To Their Own Devices – In Detention

Helping HandsHelping Hands

The Welcome DrinkThe Welcome Drink

William Quiller Orchardson (1832 – 1910, Scottish)

Master Baby

Her Idol

Four Generations – Queen Victoria And Her Descendants

Toilers Of The Sea

The Locket

Painting Of A Boy Dickens Ideal Little Paul