Frederick Cayley Robinson (1862 – 1927, English)

Acts Of Mercy – Orphans

Acts Of Mercy: The Doctors

A Winter Evening

A Winter’s Evening

In The Depth Of Winter

Mother And Child – Threads Of Life



The Blue Bird

The Blue Bird – Dreamships

The Blue Bird – The Children Enter The Palace Of Luxury

The Blue Bird – Children By The Fire

The Blue Bird

Lesson Time

Interior, Evening

The Foundling

The Long Journey

The Foster Mother

Sleeping Children With Their Nurse

Dawn – The Little Child Found

St. Christopher And The Child

2 risposte a “Frederick Cayley Robinson (1862 – 1927, English)

  1. Hi…You have a big error on your Bauerle page. I think it’s the 2nd image — the two beautiful young girls in a round frame. You have it listed as by Bauerle and titled Cecile and Adela (the title I guess for the painting above it). That’s an error. The painting is actually the Calmady Children (Laura Anne and Emily) — they were the daughers of Charles Biggs Calmady and it was painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence (Br; 1769-1830)..
    Just thought you’d like to know so you can correct that!
    Good Luck. You have a beautiful, beautiful site.

    "Mi piace"


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