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Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson (1767 – 1824, French)

Paysanne à la poupée

A Young Child Looking At Figures In A Book

Docteur Trioson donnant une leçon de géographie à son fils

Portrait de jeune Romainville Trioson

Le départ du guerrier

Vénus assistée de l’Amour se regarde dans un miroir

Galatea and Cupid

Hedwig Mechle-Grossmann (1857 – 1928, German)

The Proud Mother Cat

A Helping Hand

Winding Wool

Girl With Cat

Boy With Curly Hair

Allan R. Banks (1948, American)

The Communicant

A Little Coaxing

Lilies Of The Field

Girl Feeding Her Chickens

Girl With Lute

The Blue Silk Scarf

Girl With Flowers

Autumn Whispers

Little Girl With Folded Arms

Celebration Of Naboo Youth On Freedom Day

Market Scene

Turning Leaves

Children Rabbit

Story Hour

Little Red-Haired Girl

The Flower Gatherer

Girl With A Yellow Comb

Song of Summer

Young Olivia

Summer Afternoon

Girl In A Blue Dress

(Allan R. Banks official site)