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Xu Fang (1979, Chinese)

Flower Bud

Laura Knight (1877 – 1970, English)

Susie And The Wash-Basin

Master John Walter Wolseley

Lamorna Birch And His Daughters

Dressing The Children

Girls Picking Flowers By The Sea

The Beach

Young Gypsies

Painting Of Hop Pickers

The Hop-Pickers, Malvern

Sunday Afternoon In Hyde Park

Flying The Kite

March Many Weathers

Penzance Fair

Spessiva Tying Her Shoe

The Rocking Chair

Two Fishers

title unknown

Sennan Cove

The Piccaninny

The Convalescent – Study For Juanita

Portrait Of Juanita

A Gypsy Mother

An Infant

Girl’s Head


Jin Guangyuan (Chinese)


Mark Eliot Lovett (1956, American)

The Last Button


Cross My Heart

I Promise

I Wonder


In The Garden

A Mother’s Gift

Flowers For Mother

Lady Bug

Brittany, Amish Girl



Little Red


Madelyne In The Park

Cherry Blossom Time

Spring In Fall

Dreamin’ of Toe Shoes

Last Minute Touches

Pas de Deux

Little Ballerinas Dressing

Dress Rehearsal

Little Ballerinas & Kitties

Little Ballerinas

(Mark Eliot Lovett official site)

Norman Garstin (1847 – 1926, Irish)

The Morning Lesson

The Rain It Raineth Every Day

The Artist’s Daughter

Little Crosbie


François Hubert Drouais (1727 – 1775, French)

The Duke Of Berry And The Count of Provence

Le Comte and Chevalier de Choiseul As Savoyards

A Boy And Two Girls Building A House of Cards

Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

Marie Thérèse Bathilde d’Orléans With An Angel
And Louis Philippe Joseph d’Orléans –
Les enfants du Duc d’Orléans

Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles

Marquis de Briges

The Children Of The Duc de Bouillon As Montagnards

Portrait Of A Girl Holding A Cat

Boy With A House Of Cards

Boy With A Black Spaniel

Charles X And His Sister Clotilde Mounting A Goat

Le Marquis de Sourches et sa famille

Le Comte de Nogent, Paul-Esprit-Charles de Boulogne

A Group Portrait Of A Girl With A Marmoset In A Box
And A Girl With A Triangle Sitting

Hon. Henry Edward Fox

Boy With A Basket Of Fruit

Portrait d’enfant

Young Nobleman

A Girl In A Pink Dress And A Boy Dressed As Pierrot

James McKell (1885 – 1956, American)

Who’s The Fisherman?