Archivi del giorno: maggio 4, 2011

Carl Kronberger (1841 – 1921, Austrian)

Girl In A Snow Storm

Under Adverse Condition

A Tumultuous Descent – Children Playing In The Snow

The Aunt’s Visit

Two Boys Staring At The Beggar

William Powell Frith (1819 – 1909, English)

Little Seamstress

The Crossing Sweeper

Incident In The Life Of Lady Mary Wortley Montague

Poverty And Wealth

The Sweetest Little Beggar That E’er Asked For Alms

For Better For Worse

Measuring Heights

The Marriage Of Prince Of Wales

A Private View At The Royal Academy

Many Happy Returns Of The Day

The New Frock

The Railway Station

When We Devote Our Youth To God

The Village Pastor

The Squire’s Boxing Lesson