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Karl Emanuel Jansson (1846 – 1874, Finnish)

The Last Drop

Collecting Money In A Church

Cabin Boy

Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun (1755 – 1842, French)

Self-Portrait With Her Daughter Julie

Self-portrait With Her Daughter

Julie Le Brun

The Daughter’s Portrait

The Bather (Julie Le Brun)

The Artist’s Brother

Caroline Murat (Bonaparte) With Her Daughter, Letizia

Francesco I di Borbone

Baroness Anna Stroganova and Her Son, Sergey

Marie Antoinette et ses enfants

The Children Of Marie Antoinette

Louis Charles of France (Louis XVII)

Louis Joseph of France

Young Boy

Madame Rousseau et sa fille

Mademoiselle Brongniart

The Marquise de Peze and the Marquise de Rouget with Her Two Children