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Friedrich Meyer (1816 – ?, German)

Blonde-Hair Boy In A Far Landscape

Hans Eworth (c. 1520 – 1573, Belgian)

Edward VI

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley,
Consort of Mary, Queen of Scots (aged 10)

Henry Stuart And His Brother Charles Stuart

Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952, English)

(Part III)

High Expectations

The New Dress

Which May I Keep?

His First Fence

Learning To Swim

A Dead Heat

Safely Guarded

Grandfather’s Favourites

Love At First Sight

Ruff Play (signed with Frederick Morgan)

Spring Songs

Peep Bo!

Castles In The Air

The Blue Ribbon

All Mine

The Morning Greeting

Playing On The See-Saw

Head Study Of A Young Girl

(3 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I and Part II)