Archivi del giorno: maggio 22, 2011

Stefano Novo (1862 – 1902, Italian)

Una mela, per favore (An Apple, Please)

Al mercato della frutta (At The Fruit Market)

A Mother And Child

Elizabeth Bem (1834 – 1914, Russian)

Everyone Feels Young In A Winter Cold

A Friend By Your Side
Can Keep You Warmer Than The Richest Furs!

Vintage Russian Postcard

East Or West, Home Is Best!

A Burden Of Your Own Choice Is Not Heavy!

Falling Temperatures Raise Spirits!

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

And People Live And Make Their Bread In Siberia Too!

A Road To A Friend’s House Is Never Long!

Maiden Carrying Water

Little Napoleon

Kind Mistress And Fat Shchi

Sad Russian Girl

Porridge For The Worker

Trio of Bogatyrs