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Gennady Spirin (1948, Russian)

Little Red Riding Hood


The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

Little Red Riding Hood & Mother

O Opened It

The Christmas Story

Gennady Spirin - The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas

P. J. Lynch (1962, Irish)

Under The Hawthorn Tree

When Jessie Came Across The Sea

The Sword In The Stone

Lincoln And His Boys

Lincoln Alighting Train

Lincoln’s Dancing

Lincoln’s Christmas Dinner



Grandad’s Prayers Of The Earth

The Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey

Sarah, Plain And Tall

Fields Of Home

Ignis and Cara

A Christmas Carol

The Holy Family

(P. J. Lynch official blog)

Virgil Elliott (1944, American)

Hayley Joaquin

Emperor Of The Universe

Alec Jacquin

(Virgil Elliott official site)

Alice Mary Havers (1850 – 1890, English)

Belle Of The Village

Caught Scrumping

Mary Kept All These Things And Pondered Them In Her Heart

Watch This Frame

The First Arrivals

The Conceited Apple Branch


‘Tis A Very Good World

The Artist’s Daughter, Lilian Morgan,
Singing To A Canary


Christmas card

The following pictures are taken from “Cape Town Dicky or Colonel Jack’s Boy” and from this blog:

William Weekes (1842 – 1909, English)

Taunting The Geese

Two Of His Flock

Marcel Marlier (1930, Belgian)

(Part III)

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine et son ami le moineau”):

(the following picture is taken from “Martine fete maman”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine prend le train”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine fait la cuisine”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine est malade”):

(3 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I and Part II)


George Jamesone (1589 – 1644, Scottish)

Anne Erskine Count Rothes With Her Daughters,
Lady Margaret Leslie And Lady Mary Leslie

Mother And Child