Archivi del giorno: giugno 7, 2011

James Brenan (1837 – 1907, Irish)

On The Way To Market

Morning Prayer, Cottage Interior, County Cork

Knitting By A Cottage Window

Zhu Yi Yong (1957, Chinese)

Song Of The Boat

The Pinwheel

Early Spring

Rising Sun In The East

Gazing At The Rainbow

Clear Sky

Glistening Sunshine

Red Lantern I

Red Lantern II

Red Lantern III


After Rain

Mother And Child

Grey Memory

Childhood Memory 12

Childhood Memory 13

China Memory 17

Memory Of China 25

Family Memory 3

Family Memory 4

Memory 4


If you’re interested in contemporary Chinese artists Cuaderno de retazos is the most complete and interesting blog in circulation. A beautiful site. Take a look at it!