Archivi del giorno: giugno 8, 2011

Gerhardt Wilhelm von Reutern (1794 – 1865, Russian)

Peasant Woman With Sleeping Child

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

At The Cemetery In Willingshausen

The Holy Family

Flower Girl In Costume

Jacques Hans Gallrein (1888 – 1978, German-born American)

Alice In Wonderland

André Edouard Marty (1882 – 1974, French)

Le gouter au jardin

La première fleure du jardin

Sisters Talking On A Hill

Le matin dans le parc

A l’ombre du parasol

La Demobilisation

L’enfant à la Grenade

As We Dance Around – Children’s Parties

Rambling Parties

Bluebell Time

Crocus Time

Boat Race

Bushy Park

Cup Final

Motorcycle And Cycle Show

The Royal Tournament, Olympia