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Mark Vallen (1953, American)

My Nature Is Hunger

America Novia Mia (My Beloved America)

We Are Afraid

Not Our Children, Not Their Children


(Mark Vallen official site)

Eliasz Kanarek (1902 – 1969, Polish)

Girl With A Doll

Girl In Pink

Hermann Kaulbach (1846 – 1909, German)

(Part II)

The Mouse

The Little Postillion

Strategic Retreat

Up And Away

There Is The Fish

Where Is The Fish

The First Jump

The Express Train

The Soup

Mother’s Helper

On Stilts

The Troublemaker

All Beginnings Are Hard

At The Wash-tub

Girl At The Washtub


The Drawing Lesson

The Favourite Doll

The Flower Wreath

Girl Teaching Kids In A Garden

(See also: Part I)