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Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje (1829 – 1895, Dutch)

Mother’s Darling


Mother And Daughter

The Reading Lesson

The Morning Room


Sigurd Lange (1904 – 2000, Norwegian)

Portrait Of A Little Girl With Punch

Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part VI)

Young Mother Sewing

Maternal Kiss

Young Girls

Margot In Blue

Young Thomas And His Mother

Nude Baby On Mother’s Lap

Mother And Child

Margot In White

In The Park

Master Robert Kelso Cassatt

At The Window

Child Drinking Milk

Margot In A Dark Red Costume

Mother Jeanne Nursing Her Baby

Mother And Child Before A Pool

The Sisters

Gathering Fruit

Jenny And Her Sleepy Child

Mother Playing With Her Child

Woman And Child Seated In A Garden

Girl’s Head

Margot Lux With A Large Hat

Margot In Big Bonnet And Red Dress

Woman With A Nude Boy At Her Side

(6 – to be continued)

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