Franciszek Kulon (Polish)

Mostly Cloudly


American Requiem


Daria B.

Girls On The Boat

Operation Iraqi Freedom


Let Me Fix It




title unknown

title unknown

The Broken Gavel

The Young Rembrandt

The Assumption Of The Virgin

Lawsuit Against Sullivan County, NY

5 risposte a “Franciszek Kulon (Polish)

  1. Sorry, I find some of these images perverse.

    "Mi piace"

    • Sandra, personally I don’t like them too, but I try to give space to any kind of expression.

      "Mi piace"

      • These are some of the most incredibly skillful masterpieces I’ve seen produced in my lifetime, the artist should be receiving worldwide accolades instead of abusive legal malicious harassment. The subject matter isn’t socially beautiful but satirizes a truth that needs to be immortalized, just as the events during the Crusades, the Russian programs, the Nazi death camp holocaust, the American Indian massacre’s, etc., need to be immortalized as educational tools for future generations. God Bless the artist.

        "Mi piace"

  2. It is difficult to describe the appreciation I have for Kulon’s work. I have never before been moved so deeply.
    Goya, for example could have learned from Kulon’s work. Maybe it is unfair to compare them. (And maybe Kulon wouldn’t want to be compared to him) But no artist, in any medium has been able to portray the emotion, character, and the message this well.

    "Mi piace"

  3. As Sandra says, perverse. Each carries a message, but some of them are pure kitsch.

    The top part of “American Requiem” is tremendously moving, but how do you interpret the bottom part?

    "Mi piace"


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