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John Gannam (1907 – 1965, American)

Quittin’ Time

Memory Making

Mexican Mother And Child

Swedish Mother And Child

Pop’s Down To Stay…

JOHN_GANNAMBiggest Baby News In Years

The Champion Of The WorldThe Champion Of The World

From The BeginningFrom The Beginning

Teenager Sitting On StairsTeenager Sitting On Stairs

Sociable ClimberSociable Climber

Bless Your Daddy's Heart, He's Making Coffee!Bless Your Daddy’s Heart, He’s Making Coffee!

Man Of The HouseMan Of The House

The Longest Walk In The WorldThe Longest Walk In The World

Christmas EveChristmas Eve

John Gannamtitle unknown

Wilhelm Hasselbach (1846 – 1919, German)

Peasant Boy

title unknown

The Disturbed Lunch

Arthur John Elsley (1860 – 1952, English)

(Part IV)

Good Night

An Uninvited Guest

Too Hot

Family Favourites – Never Mind


Home Again

Picking Apples

A Reluctant Playmate – Friend Or Foe

Tempting Bait

Wake Up…It’s Christmas!

Safe Quarters

Caught In The Act


A False Alarm

Lily Cocciolitti

The Favourite Of The Litter

Heave Ho

The Punch And Judy Show

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