Archivi del giorno: luglio 1, 2011

Paul Michel Dupuy (1869 – 1949, French)

Devant Guignol – Punch and Judy

La jeune fille au drapeau sur la Grande Plage à Biarritz


Marée basse, plage de Villeria

Children Sailing Their Boats In The Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

Children Playing In A Park

La Plage

Le Parc Monceau à Paris

At The Seashore

Children Playing In The Luxembourg Gardens

Jeux d’enfants

Figures On A Veranda By The Beach

Beach At Biarritz

Ben Kimberly Prins (1902 – 1980, Dutch-born American)

Vacation Plans

Cutting The Cake

Doughnuts For Loose Change

New Year’s Eve Babysitter

Baby Bridge Party

Checklist For Summer Camp

Johnny Jackson, His Beginnings


Thunderstorm At The Shore

U.S. – Canadian Border

Christmas Morning