Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761 – 1845, French)

(Part II)

The Geography Lesson – Monsieur Gaudry And His Daughter


Gabrielle Arnault As A Child

The Entrance To The Turkish Garden Cafè

Portrait Of A Young Boy

L’effet du mélodrame

A Family Admiring A Portrait Of A Lady In An Interior

Julien Boilly enfant

Ce qui allume l’Amour l’éteint ou Le Philosophe

La visite reçue

Visit To Grandfather

La jeune mère

L’entrée du theatre

Reading Of The Bulletin Of The Grand Armée

Point de Convention

Portrait d’un fils Boilly

Edouard Boilly, fils de l’artiste

Head Of A Young Boy

Pauvre homme couvrez vous

Games Of New Year’s Day

(See also: Part I)



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