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Nancy Lane (American)

Cat And Rae


Orchard Ride

Girl Comforts Horse

Girl Pets Horse

Women Leading Horse

Chang And The Bamboo Flute

Chinese Market

Rainy Day Field Trip

Rembrandt And The Boy Who Drew Dogs

Renoir And The Boy With Long Hair

Pilgrims In The Hold

Watermelon Kids

Hispanic Boy

Girl Tossing Leaves

Boy Lost In Woods

Dog Found In Woods

Little Bird

A Big Wave Came…

Living With Dolphins

Hawaiian Boy

(Nancy Lane official site)

Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala (1842 – 1871, Spanish)

The Education Of A Prince

The Performing Monkey

Ture Ekroos (Finnish)

At the Museum

The Sea


Brandweek magazine cover

Hubert von Herkomer (1849 – 1914, German-born English)

A Weary Way

Hard Times

On Strike

Pressing To The West

Our Village

The Daughters of Baron von Erlanger

A Young Girl

The Guards Cheer

The Artist’s Son, Lorenz

The Offertory

The Blessing of Charity

Tess Of The Durbervilles

The Babes In The Wood

Monika Helgesen (1979, Norwegian)

Mother and Child


(Monika Helgesen official site)

Tatiana Utkina (1962, Russian)

A Young Girl In An Interior

Best Friends

Flowers For My Mummy

Recollecting A Childhood

Young Gardeners

Granny’s Garden

Marcel Marlier (1930, Belgian)

(Part V)

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine la leçon de dessin):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine baby-sitter”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine au pays des contes”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine apprend à nager”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine a une étrange voisine”):

(5 – to be continued)

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