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Charles Haigh-Wood (1856 – 1927, English)

(Charles Haigh-Wood was T. S. Eliot’s father-in-law)

The Time Of Roses

The Peace Offering

The Leave Taking

Shelling Peas

A Dish Of Milk


In the Garden

Brothers Bertram And John Leslie Horridge

Fresh Eggs

Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876 – 1907, German)

Girl Portrait

Girl With A Wreath Of Flowers

Young Girl With Straw Hat And A Flower In Her Hand

Naked Child With Stork

Italian Girl In A Red Dress

Girl With Flower

Reclining Mother And Child

title unknown

Young Girl In The House


Peasant Child On Red-Checkered Cushions

Nursing Mother

title unknown

Child’s Head With Scarf

Girl With Rabbit

Naked Child With Gold Fish Bowl

Three Children Sitting With A Dog And A Horse