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Franz Maria Ingenmey (1830 – 1878, German)

Hide and Seek

Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Three Children In The Park

Georg Decker (1819 – 1894, Hungarian)

Mother And Child

Girl Of The Habsburg Family

Girl With A Basketful Of Alpine Roses

Georg DeckerPortrait Of A Girl

Jean Baptiste Greuze (1725 – 1805, French)

(Part I)

Boy With Lesson Book

Girl With A Doll

The Spoiled Child

Portrait Of Count Stroganov As A Child

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Boy In Red Waistcoat

Jeune fille en prière

Les oeufs cassés

Le fils puni

Le geste napolitaine

L’innocence tenant deux pigeons

Young Girl With A Spaniel

Portrait Of A Boy

Young Girl In A Lilac Tunic

Jeune garçon paysan


Portrait de jeune garçon

La cruche cassée

(1 – to be continued)