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Josè Francisco Xavier de Salazar y Mendoza (1750 ca. – 1802, Mexican)

Family Of Dr. Joseph Montegut

Don Antonio Mendez And His Family

Portrait Of Captain Julien Vienne

François Bernard (1812 – 1875, French)

Portrait Of Two Chitimacha Indians

Creole Children

Young Girl In A White Dress

Fermière et son enfant

Choctaw Village Near the Chefuncte

John Newton Howitt (1885 – 1958, American)

The Strongman

Fishing Time

Family On The Farm

Family Welcoming Newborn Home

john newton howitt

The Swimming Hole

A Soldier And His Family Looking At Blueprints For Their New Home

Choir Boys

We Must Keep The Perishables
And Send Food That Will Keep Across The Sea

Buried Treasure

Woman’s Home Companion (cover)

Sleeping Children

Scribners illustration