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Fritz Westphal (1804 – 1844, Danish)

The Reception Of Bertel Thorvaldsen At Copenhagen On 17 September 1838

The Young Fisher Girl Cradles Her Infant Brother

Cosme San Martin (1856 – 1905, Chilean)

Niño de las Laminas

El niño de la chaqueta blanca

Amor maternal

Mujer y niño

La lectura

Max Ginsburg (1931, French-born American)

(Part I)

Close Encounters

By The Shores Of Silver Lake

Autumn Street

The Children

Roll Of Thunder

Beyond The Cellar Door

Girl On Pole

Harvest Of The Sun



Field Trip

Pond Steps

Park Bench

Nannies And Kids

Tire Swing

(1 – to be continued)

(Max Ginsburg official site)