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Olga Suvorova (1966, Russian)

First Summer


Constant Mayer (1832 – 1911, French-born American)

The Sewing School

Le livre d’image

The TruantsThe Truants

School RoomSchool Room

Thomas Falcon Marshall (1818 – 1878, English)

May Day Garlands

Gathering Primroses

Seaside Visitors

The Emigrants

Christmas Morning

Returning Health

The King’s Shilling

Wayside Chat

Young Shepherds

The Benevolent Cottagers

Rest From Haymaking

The Arrest Of Louis XVI And His Family

The Fruit Seller

Paul Cuvelier (1923 – 1978, Belgian)


Young Girl

Les extraordinaires aventures de Corentin

Les nouvelles aventures de Corentin

Cornelis de Vos (1584 – 1651, Dutch)

(Part II)

Portrait Of A Child

Elisabeth (or Cornelia) Vekemans As A Young Girl

A Nobleman And Three Children

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Family Portrait

Anthony Reyniers And His Family

Family Portrait

Madame Charlotte Butkens Smit van Cruyninghen
And Her Son John Amatus

Frans Veckermans

Jan Veckermans

Family Portrait

Child Holding A Racket

Little Girl With A Parrot

Girl With A Bell

11 Years Old Girl With Puppy

David Playing The Harp

Adoration Of The Magi

The Birth Of Jesus

(See also: Part I)

Vladimir Serov (1910 – 1968, Russian)


Portrait Of A Child

The Enemy Has Been Here!

Lenin’s Funeral

Aleksander Gierymski (1850 – 1901, Polish)

Boy Carrying A Sheaf


Page From Florence

A Boy With Peaches