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Hanno Rhomberg (1820 – 1869, German)

The Little Patient

Young Boys Buying Cigars


Sweet Tooth

An Old Watchmaker Looking At A Clock

A New Litter

Mary With Christ And John the Baptist


Jean Baptiste Greuze (1725 – 1805, French)

(Part II)

Portrait de jeune fille au ruban bleu

Le petit paresseux

A Blond Haired Boy With An Open Shirt

La jeune fille à la colombe

Bust Of A Young Girl

Jeune garçon et chien

Le petit boudeur

The Widow And Her Priest

The Paralytic  – Filial Piety

Girl At The Window

Portrait Of A Girl, Head and Shoulders

A Young Child Holding A Book

Young Knitter Asleep

Girl With A Dead Canary

Un berger qui tente la sorte


L’Innocence entrainée par l’Amour

Bargaining Over Chestnuts

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)